About sophie


Sophie Attwood is

the managing director and owner of Impress PR Ltd , a boutique PR consultancy which was established in 2016 and now specialises in all areas of the beauty and lifestyle industry, proudly representing a plethora of household names and global brands. 

She launched her blog in 2018 in a bid to share her journey with others and to push them to begin their own. 

"Working with beauty and aesthetics everyday of my life comes with its advantages – I am one of the first to try the latest products, I work with some of the world’s most renowned photographers, designers and models, I meet incredibly inspiring people and regularly travel to exciting places. 

"My work also draws a constant stream of beauty questions from everyone I meet, whether it’s application tips for beauty editors or advice on the latest anti-ageing treatment for friends. This website is your insider view into my world: You’ll keep updated on the best products and trends. You’ll peek at behind-the-scenes images from shoots and backstage. You’ll learn application techniques and resolve makeup problems. You’ll hear secrets from industry experts. You’ll know the treatments worth having and the fitness retreats that work… all tried and tested."