The Luxe Link: A personal shopping service and, quite frankly a life saver.


I’m a shopaholic. Self-confessed. And, when it comes to those shopping trips, if I have my heart set on something and I can’t find it anywhere in my city, not only do I begin seeing it absolutely everywhere bar my wardrobe but it also makes me want it even more.

If you’ve been told that an ‘it’ item is sold out or isn’t available, you may be down but you’re certainly not out. There’s a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel and it goes by the name of The Luxe Link; a cross border, luxury shopping service based in New York City. 

The Luxe Link started life as Shop Gopher, a service providing anyone based outside of America access to its online and traditional retailers. Then, in January 2017 after 10 years of trading, it has re-branded as The Luxe Link. 

Now, let me tell you about how they helped me. I'd been after a nude shoulder bag for ages and nowhere had the right shade of nude to match my favourite nude courts. Nowhere that is apart from Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City. 


Within seconds of contacting The Luxe Link

to track down a nude Marc Jacobs shoulder bag, their Luxury Specialists were scouring their vast retail networks to locate it. 

Simply make a request, sit back and let the specialists go hunting.

So how does it actually work? 

1.   You contact The Luxe Link via email, WhatsApp or via their website.

2.   A member from their team of Luxury Specialists receives the order and follows that order from start to finish. (This was so useful as it meant that I got regular updates as to where my new bag was on its journey to me - not automates updates but lovely, friendly emails from their team) 

3.   They respond within hours. Once they’ve located the item, they provide a detailed-summary of the order, clearly indicated all of the associated fees for shipping. Fees are extremely low because of their long-term relationship with FedEx. 

4.   Once the item has arrived at their office, the Luxury Specialist inspects it for accuracy and quality and carefully pack the item for delivery.


One of the things I love most about The Luxe Link is their personal approach. Emails come back to me within minutes of sending them.

They offer style advice too and I can see that, through the close relationships that they clearly have with their clients they get to know their style really well.

I can also imagine using them for gift-finding in the winter periods. You know those really difficult to find gifts? "I need a high-end laptop bag for my other half but not from an obvious designer and in a shade which matches this coat perfectly"? I can’t imagine trying to track that down but for these guys it comes naturally. 

Let's face it. Shopping has never been so easy (and dangerous).  I think it's time for a toast to our new friendship! 

I'm now delighted to be able to offer you a discount code with $50 credit towards your first order with The Luxe Link with a minimum spend of $200 on goods. Use SOPHIEA when contacting their team of specialists to redeem it.  But hurry, as this crazy offer expires in June 2018. 

Sophie x